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Why Work With Us?

Providing Everything You Need


Large Network

We have one of the largest networks of Cyber Security Professionals within the UK, with the majority being passive candidates. This provides you with access to candidates not currently on the market and you will find out when a candidate is looking for a new role first, or allow us to negotiate a move!

Industry Experience

Our Consultants focus 100% of their efforts in the Cyber and Information Security space. This means that their extensive knowledge of the sector is second to none,  as this is what they do,
day in and day out! 

Business Conference
Business Meeting

Quick and Efficient Service

Each consultant is focused on working closely with a small number of selected clients to ensure that the best service is provided, and giving you direct access to a single point of contact. 

This in turn saves you time, money and guarantees you have access to the best candidates

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